Year 1

Welcome to our Year One web page, we hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting things we have been doing each term in our classes.

Our Year One classes are:

Earhart Class taught by Miss Keech & Miss Welham

Churchill Class taught by Miss Howes & Miss Pollard

Dickens Class taught by Mrs Sparshott & Miss Field


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Term 3 Weather Watch!


Our Topic this term is 'Weather Watch!'. During Science this term we will learn about changes across the four seasons. Our Geography focus will involve looking at weather patterns across the UK. We are looking forward to our 'stunning start' to our topic with 'Gooey Stuey' from Fizz Pop Science! He will teach us all about air and how it travels. The children will be engaged in exciting activities, such as; creating their own weather stations and becoming weather reporters! 

Super Science at Home!

In Maths we will be focusing on adding and subtracting within 20 and place value within 50. This term we have a strong focus on mastering using different manipulatives we can access in our classrooms to problem solve. We will continue to use our growth mindsets to consolidate all our learning so far this year.

Numbots TT Rockstars

During our English lessons this term we will be exploring one of our Power of Reading texts 'Traction Man.' By Mini Grey. We will be creating some amazing character profiles and bringing them to life using speech bubbles and comic strips! Our book will inspire us to innovate our own stories and create our own characters.

 Sir Linkalot! Phonics Sounds Phonics Play





 Top Tips for super learning in Year One!

1. Practice your spellings using look, cover, write, check, this will help you to remember them so that you can blow your teachers away when they read your writing!

These are the spellings for Year 1:

2. Do lots of reading! Remember to explore different texts and books, you could read non-fiction books to find out interesting facts, or you could enjoy fiction stories, full of fun and excitement.

3. Try your best and never give up!



 Happy, Positive, Successful, Life-Long Learners!