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The EYFS Team

Victoria Class- Mrs Stone and Miss Mitchell

Wren Class- Miss Butler and Mrs Baldock

Cook Class- Miss Sutton and Miss Welham/ Miss Bragg

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 Term 1- What a Feeling!

Our very first topic as the children begin their journey to BIG school, is called 'What a Feeling!'

Can you feel it? Do you know that feeling in your tummy, bubbling up inside? What is it?

During this learning experience, we will explore our emotions by diving inside our tummies and our hearts to understand what we are feeling and why. 

Stunning Start:

Have you ever heard of a Worry Monster?

Worry Monsters help when your worries get too big, they help to gobble them up and make them go away. We are going to get creative and make our very own worry monsters.

Fab Finish:

Share your favourite things in a treasure box all about YOU!

What will you put inside your treasure box?

We will invite the children to put together a special box filled with all of their favourite things. We will then spend time talking and sharing our objects and photos together in our classes. 

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